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Grofast: A loss of appetite can effect people drastically, and the best possible solution is a natural stimulant to induce hunger. This has no side effect and no hidden dangers, and hence, is the most feasible solution for people.

For Children: It is essential for children to have a healthy, wholesome appetite. There are some kids who display unhealthy eating habits. In some cases, there is even an emotional factor that makes the child develop a lesser urge for eating. This is a cause for concern for every parent. Adopting a stimulant for children is admittedly not an attractive option, but it is surely Grofast is effective one. At times like Grofast become more important, as they cannot harm the body in any way. There are many choices available in the market, and all have their own specific advantages. They provide the child with a natural hunger, and builds up their body. When you are buying Grofast from the market, you must compare the different brands that are available before you make your decision.

For The Elderly: The same rules also apply when you are out picking stimulants for elderly people. Older people naturally develop lower appetites due to aging, chronic illnesses, or a number of other factors. It is important for them to consume food though, and this is where the stimulants come into the picture. They help these individuals develop enough of an appetite to consume at least that much quantity of food, that is essential for their sustenance.

Grofast is commonly administered to people suffering from serious diseases and are thus in need enhanced so that their body does not lose strength fast. Grofast is an appetizer & a general tonic that promotes the physical capacity, mental capacity & builts resistance against diseases.

Neither Anti-Histamine nor Anti-Migraine Agent: Since Cyproheptadine is an Anti-Histamine & Pizotifen is an Anti-Migraine agent therefore, there has been concern that both cyproheptadine and pizotifen were being promoted and used inappropriately as appetite stimulants. Grofast is none of these agents but pure appetite stimulant. (Ref: Martindale 2nd Edition)

Non Sedative & Non Hormonal: Unlike cyproheptadine & pizotifen preparation, Grofast does not cause sedation, thus let the patients carry on routine activities. Besides being non sedative, Grofast is a non-hormonal preparation and does not cause any adverse effects associated with hormonal preparations.


  • Improve Appetite,
  • Fatigue,
  • Extreme Weight Loss,
  • General Weakness,
  • Growth Disturbance,
  • Mental Depression,


Each 10ml contain: (Approx):
Fennel …………………………… 8.25mg
Ginger …………………………… 8.25mg
Maca ………………………………. 200mg
Gooseberries …………………. 160mg
Grape seed ………………………. 40mg
Chebulic Myrobalan …….. 125mg
Beleric Myrobalan ……….. 125mg

Fennel and ginger has an appetizer stimulating action suitable for increasing body weight in under weight anorectic patient. Maca, gooseberries, chebulic myrobalan, beleric myrobalan prevent deficiencies of vitamins often associated with inadequate food intake such a need may also arise from antibiotic or other drug therapy interfering with vitamins utilization. Fennel and ginger extract are appetite stimulant. Maca, Gooseberries, Chebulic Myrobalan, Beleric Byrobalan which are enriched with Vitamins.(Vit. A, B-Complex, C & E)


Infants up to One month:
2.5ml Half teaspoon two times a day.
Six months – one year:
5ml One teaspoon two times a day.
One – three years:
5ml One teaspoon three times a day.
Up to Three – twelve years:
10ml Two teaspoon two – three times a day.
Over twelve years:
15ml Two to three teaspoon two – three times a day.
or as directed by the physician.


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